Jörg Lensing

Composer - Germany

Jörg Lensing (*1960) studied composition at Folkwang Essen, (D) and „New Music-Theatre“ with Mauricio Kagel in Köln.
Founded in 1987 the „Theater der Klänge“ and worked since as a director, choreographer and composer for this and some comissioned works for other theatres.
Since 1990 film compositions/sounddesign for all films directed by Lutz Dammbeck.
1992 guest lecturer at Bauhaus Dessau. Since 1996 Professor for „Sounddesign“ at Fachhochschule Dortmund.
Director of several Shortfilms and Documentaryfilms. Director of the longfilm „Gregorius“. Author of 3 audiobooks and 2 music-CD´s since 1999.
Autor of the book „Sound-Design · Sound-Montage · Soundtrack-Komposition“. Publisher for the german version of „Audio-Vision“ and „Audio-Logo-Vision from Michel Chion.